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Our Approach

Israel ArchiTexts designs interactive, hands-on experiences ensuring that those we engage with are active participants in our programs rather than passive observers.


Israel ArchiTexts makes use of a wide diversity of “texts” ranging in time from the biblical to the contemporary, and in nature from the written word to the experiential, including the integration of sites, landscapes, poetry, art, film and song in the sessions we offer.


Israel ArchiTexts customizes its services for a broad range of audiences, ages, venues and formats both in Israel and abroad.


Israel ArchiTexts believes every interaction with and about Israel has the potential to impact not only on the individual, but also, in some subtle way, on an ever-evolving Jewish state, still very much a work in progress.

Pictured: Mt. Moriah as seen from the promenade in Talpiot.

Insert: Avraham's existential moment: cut off from his past, denied a future.

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