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David and his wife Gabriela are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome guests into their Jerusalem home, enjoy a meal with them, and share their perspectives on myriad aspects of life in Israel, permeated with their own experiences of living here. With an enchanting garden and a spacious living room, they are able to host up to 45 guests outdoors (weather permitting), and 35 indoors (year round).

Guests are welcome for breakfast, brunch, "aruchat arba" (afternoon tea), dinner or dessert every day of the week, including Shabbat. David loves to cook and will be pleased to come up with an enticing menu suited to your tastes and budget. Please note, though, that while he and Gabriela maintain a kosher home, they have no certificate attesting to that, so for those more comfortable with rabbinic supervision, various catering options are available.   


Groups can also choose to complement their repast with a selection from the “menu” of field experiences, workshops and presentations listed on this website, and/or arrange to have a number of Israelis join them at their tables for a stimulating and more intimate “everything you wanted to know but had no one to ask” exchange regarding the Jewish state in all its fascination and complexity.  

Pictured: The first Birthright group from the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda, hosted by David and Gabriela in their backyard. To see the group "live,", click on the video insert               .

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